Life and a future relay race …

We have the flag now …

Half a century of running and sweat …

Elif Gıda is stronger, more modern now …

With 50 years of experience, Elif Gıda is now a target.

Salamura Kuzu Bağırsağı

Our family became acquainted with intestinal activity in 1926 when our grandfather NecemettinEskitütüncü started intestinal work in Adana slaughterhouse.

Necdet Eskitutuncu, the founder of our company, started his business life by apprenticing to his father in 1946.

In the following years, Necdet Eskitütüncü started his business life with the decision to establish his own workshop and established his first workshop in Istanbul in 1961.

In 1984, he decided to move his workshop to Adana and operates in the location of our company.

Today, we are working with all our strength and experience to deliver this flag delivered to us to the next generations.

Our company, which grows step by step from a small workshop, is taking firm steps into the future.

We are currently operating in our facility, which is 5000 square meters of land.Our company, which operates with 100% equity capital, has been operating as a family business since its establishment and has a professional experience of more than half a century.

Our company, which manufactures by keeping health and hygiene conditions above everything else;

It takes firm steps towards the future with its innovative, young, dynamic and experienced staff.

We are continuing our years of experience with love and passion for every member of our family.